Monday Mix Tape: The NaNo Mix

I’ve just been writing about NaNoWriMo for Writers Bloc, and the general excitement of more than 150,000 writers putting down 50,000 words each in a month is kind of getting to me.

So, today’s mix tape is a handful of songs about the act of writing.

Paperback wriiiiiterrrrr! Classic. The other day this song started playing over the shopping centre speakers the second I stepped into the centre. They knew I was there… Despite my never having written a paperback, per se.

It’s just the one line, but god it captures the feeling. “A white blank page, and a swelling rage” – I know this feeling. And Marcus Mumford in a book store! Who needs porn?

Yeahhhh, I know, a lot of people find her whiny. But I think she’s elfin and gorgeous. This one’s all about writing, and not being able to write, and thinking you’re able to write and then ending up with a heap of nonsense.

Ah, writer’s block. “Send that stuff on down to me” – please!


What are your favourite songs about writing?

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3 Responses to Monday Mix Tape: The NaNo Mix

  1. Laura says:

    It’s not strictly about writing, but I love Laura Marling’s ‘Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)’ when she sings, “And I wrote an epic letter to you and it’s 22 pages front and back, but it’s too good to be used…” Her ‘What He Wrote’ is pretty great too.

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